Hermes Kelly Bag 32

"That could have been catastrophic for our equipment," Major said.

Major named Hermes Kelly Bag 32 2009 Employee of the Year at Palm Beach Atlantic

Hermes Kelly Bag 32

Nelson Mandela. I respect his work and admire what he's been able to accomplish, and I think he'd be a very interesting person to have a conversation with.

Perhaps. But Major, 52, plays a key role in keeping the Fendi Backpacks

Hermes Kelly Bag 32

As for winning Employee of the Year, Major, who beat out more than 400 university staffers, still sounded a bit sheepish talking about it . "There was no big celebration," he said . "It's what I do. I don't do it expecting accolades."What is the most Fendi Bags And Prices

Which is why Palm Beach Atlantic University's assistant vice president for technology services was shocked and little embarrassed when he was named the school's 2009 Employee of the Year. "I was absolutely stunned," Major said. "There's not a whole lot of fanfare associated with what I do."

Hermes Kelly Bag 32

Christian university operating smoothly. The soft spoken University of Florida graduate manages a staff of 40 and oversees the school's entire technology division, which includes handling everything from maintaining 600 computers to responding to student ID card requests.

A South African verdite Zulu sculpture. My wife and I became interested in South African art after we traveled there in 2000.

Hermes Kelly Bag 32

"I liked the level of responsibility," he said.

Hermes Kelly Bag 32

Who would like to have dinner with, alive or dead?

unusual item you own?

After spending 25 years at IBM where he worked as a systems engineer and a consultant, Major left the corporate rat race when faced with Gucci Bag With Bamboo Handle

Hermes Kelly Bag 32

Hermes Kelly Bag 32

the prospect of having to move. Major was born in Tampa, but raised in West Palm Beach. He attended Palm Beach Gardens Community High School and was class president the four years he was there. Major spotted the university job in 2007 while surfing the Internet and was instantly intrigued .

"It's a big job, but I love being here," he said.

Hermes Kelly Bag 32

Hermes Kelly Bag 32

Hermes Kelly Bag 32

Major works about 60 hours a week. Most of that time is spent putting out fires like the one he and his team recently helped extinguish when the school's power went out for several hours. With the data room's air conditioner on the fritz, the room's temperature rose to 92 degrees. Normal operating temperature is less than 70 .

Hermes Kelly Bag 32

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