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really didn work, Back said. did people live in that building? How did people move? How did people get furniture up and down those steps? create apartment floor plans that would work for the building, Back drew up plans to use the staircase in 26 W. 13th St. to service the upper floors of the smaller, neighboring building.

That will require cutting holes through between four and six Mini Kelly Hermes layers of masonry, Hudepohl said, and creating entrances into the smaller building from its larger neighbor.

Mini Kelly Hermes

´╗┐historic buildings takes patience

Mini Kelly Hermes

Hyde Park based Grandin Properties is redeveloping the buildings into 11 apartments.

The structure also has a rotting, narrow staircase that goes right through its center, dividing the building in a way that makes it difficult to redevelop, said Denis Back of Denis L. Back Associates, the architect for the project.

Rents are expected to range from $1,095 per month for the smallest one bedroom units to $1,650 per month for the only two bedroom unit in the project.

Mini Kelly Hermes

Mini Kelly Hermes

right up Grandin alley, said Grandin CEO Peg Wyant. are used to dealing with small. We know how to do that. not everyone does.

Mini Kelly Hermes

Mini Kelly Hermes

just across from Washington Park.

the public a better idea of what it takes to redevelop an old building in Over the Rhine, Grandin has given WCPO access to the project from start to finish to document the work involved. WCPO first walk through the buildings was the tour to see what kind of shape the buildings were in before any work began.

The smaller of the two buildings, at 28 W. 13th St., has been vacant for years and had obvious signs of water damage and decay.

Mini Kelly Hermes

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can be slow and tedious, said Steve Hudepohl of Cleves based Hudepohl Construction Company. once the dust starts flying, it fun. just started flying with preliminary demolition work at a development that will be known as Park West. The project will connect two historic buildings at 26 and Gucci Iphone 7 Case Replica

Mini Kelly Hermes

Restaurants and stores occupy the ground floors of renovated, old buildings along Vine Street and near Washington Park. Condominiums and apartments fill the floors above.

28 W. 13th St., Fendi Tote Bag Images

For the occasional visitor to Cincinnati historic Over the Rhine neighborhood, the change in recent years appears almost miraculous.

Mini Kelly Hermes

Mini Kelly Hermes

Mini Kelly Hermes

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