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Hermes Wallet Kelly

Hermes Wallet Kelly

Hermes Wallet Kelly

then disposed it by burning it at Manor, on the outskirts of Mumbai.

Hermes Wallet Kelly

Mathew, who was arrested on May 21, initially did not tell interrogators where he had hidden the weapon while Susayraj did not know anything about it, Maria said.

A police team is currently in Kochi, where Mathew is based, to collect more evidence against him as to what he did between May 9 (when he returned from Mumbai) and May 20 (the date of his detention) as "subsequent conduct" of the accused after committing the crime is important, Maria said.

Meanwhile, Maria said Grover's family based in Kanpur will be handed over remains of the body by mid June.

Mathew is suspected to have washed the weapon and thrown it in the chute after the murder when Susayraj had gone to a nearby mall for fetching some bags which were used in disposing off the body, Maria said.

Hermes Wallet Kelly

Hermes Wallet Kelly

Grover, a creative Hermes Wallet Kelly head with TV production house Synergy Adlabs, was stabbed to death allegedly by Mathew in suburban Malad on May 7 over a suspected "love triangle".

"We have recovered the knife from a chute situated near the bathroom of Susayraj's flat in Malad," Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime) Rakesh Maria said Monday.

Hermes Wallet Kelly

Both Mathew and Susayraj have been remanded to police custody till June 3 by a local court and will be Fendi Wallet Eyes

The knife was found in the chute which is generally used for putting waste material and was hidden in plastic material. Mathew led a police team to the spot during interrogation which led to the discovery of the weapon, Maria said.

Hermes Wallet Kelly

A nine inch long knife which is alleged to have been used by naval officer M L Jerome Mathew in killing television executive Neeraj Grover in Kannada actress Maraya Monica Susayraj's flat was recovered from the home, police said.

´╗┐Murder weapon found

Susayraj and Mathew allegedly chopped Grover's body to several pieces, put the parts in three bags and Gucci Dionysus Mini Red

Police earlier recovered the knife which was used by Mathew in cutting the body.

Mathew was allegedly unhappy with Grover's proximity to Monica while Susayraj, aspiring to get into TV serials, Gucci Belt Black And Red

Hermes Wallet Kelly

was continuing with the friendship hoping to get a break, police said earlier.

transferred to judicial custody when they are presented before a court on Tuesday.

Hermes Wallet Kelly

Hermes Wallet Kelly

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